Vipp guesthouse Cold Hawaii, Thy

A contemporary guesthouse for wave-hunters and slow-living enthusiasts

On a 9900 m² piece of land in Thy National Park, a solitary cottage appears in the horizon of an untamed coastal landscape. Without any neighbours in sight in the tiny town of Vangså, it secluded endless plains of Leymus seem to have no beginning or end. From a distance, the building resembles a classic fisherman’s cottage but when approaching, guests are met by a 185 m² geometric forms and repeating silhouettes revealing a stunning structure that blends seamlessly into the landscape and is striking in its simplicity – Vipp.

Lighting Design: Møller & Rothe in collaboration with Vipp

Architect: Hahn Lavsen

Photographer: Pia Winther

Interior: Julie Mølsgaard

Brands: Faustlight & Vipp

Faustlight products:

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