Sales Conditions

Order placement
All orders must be placed with Møller & Rothe A/S. Order confirmations + invoices are issued in DKK.

Delivery conditions
EX WORKS Copenhagen unless otherwise agreed in advance.

If nothing else has been agreed, our payment terms are current month + 8 days. If payment conditions are exceeded, 1.5% is charged interest per month started + fee of DKK 100.

If overdue amounts are not paid on time, the case will also be transferred to debt collection hence costs for the debtor. For all new customers, prepayment applies when placing the order until otherwise agreed.

Access and risk
Møller & Rothe A/S reserves the right to the following restrictions non-derogable legal rules, the ownership of the goods sold, until Møller & Rothe A/S has received full payment for the goods, including delivery costs.

Until Møller & Rothe A/S has received full payment, the customer must store the goods in such a way that it is ensured that they are preserved in same condition in which they were received, that they can at any time identified as the property of Møller & Rothe A/S and stored separately from any other goods in the customer’s possession. Regardless of the aforementioned risk, the goods are transferred to the customer upon delivery.

All complaints must be reported to Møller & Rothe A/S within 4 working days for non-visible damage and 2 working days for visible damage damages after receipt of goods. If this does not happen, it will lapse the complaint option.

If goods are received visibly damaged as a result of transport, this must be done noted on the waybill upon receipt. Copy of this shell forwarded to Møller & Rothe A/S within 2 days of receipt of goods. Complaints about products must be reported to us in writing as soon as the defect is discovered. Indication of time of purchase, copy of invoice as well as possibly photo documentation must be submitted for us to process the complaint. If the complaint is approved, Møller & Rothe A/S either with repair of the advertised product or a replacement if repair is not possible.

Costs for transporting the goods and costs in connection with removal and re-installation of fixtures is not covered by Møller & Rothe A/S.

Returns of goods are only accepted if this has been done in advance agreement with Møller & Rothe A/S about this. A copy of the delivery note and invoice must be attached to the returned goods. Fulfilled not this, the returned item is not credited and it is sent back for sender’s bill. There is a standard return fee of 30%.

Møller & Rothe A/S always suggests using an authorized one installer for the installation of electrical items, including lamps and fixtures. If this does not happen, Møller & Rothe A/S’s responsibility ceases and warranty for the product.

Møller & Rothe A/S sends goods to the customer in the cheapest way. Sending goods to a third party will void the warranty goods as well as lapse of the right of complaint for the shipment.

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