Maehwa Wall

The Maehwa collection from Giopato & Coombes takes inspiration from the blossoming plum tree in shape of the many hand-blown glass bubbles. Maehwa Wall is available in various sizes and shapes for both ceiling and wall.

· Glass: Transparent, Blushed opal white, Blushed pale pink or Blushed smokey grey
· Finishes: Brushed Brass or Brushed Nickel
· Sizes: From 6 to 68 light sources/ glass bubbles
· Proprietary LED Source
· 2700K
· CRI>95

Giopato & Coombes

Giopato & Coombes combines traditional hand-blown Murano-glass with specially designed brass cylinders with LED of high quality. For any inquiries regarding prices, please contact us. See more from Giopato & Coombes